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listen to my latest album: Mugetsu

“These four improvisations display a sense of inevitability, my highest criterion for the spontaneous creation of music. Perhaps we can add the title of "architect" to Mari's list of talents” - Elliott Sharp

The first improvised live solo album by Mari Kimura, composer, violinist, technician, and establisher of the subharmonics technique. The master source is a DSD recording. Liner notes and mastering by guitarist, saxophonist, and composer Elliot Sharp. It is hard to believe that this is a live performance with only live violin, no multiple recordings, no electronics, etc. Both the performance and the liner notes are immediate and immediate. Both the performance and the liner notes make us rediscover the charm of improvisation.

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Solo Albums

Voyage Apollonian Album Cover. New York City with the statue of liberty submerged underwater
Voyage Apollonian

Plumbing the depths of sound and joy.

Pink and blue constellation of the sky
Harmonic Constellations

New World Record: featuring music for electronics written for Kimura's "Sarahal" for two violin and computer

album cover for "The World Below G". Mari Kimura is playing the violin under a pink and white image overlay
The World Below G and Beyond

Mutable Music: collection of own works featuring Subharmonics and interactive computer

violin in a blender

Bridge Records: featuring music for electronics written for Kimura and own works

Improvisation Albums

acoustics album cover, tie-die colors

Acoustics Improvisation with Henry Kaiser, Jim O'Rourke and John Oswald

leyendas album cover, deep reds swirling toward a center

Duo Improvisation CD with Mexican multi-instrumentalist Roberto Morales Manzanares

Irrefrageable Dreams on Orange Background
Irrefrageable Dreams

Duo Improvisation CD with flutist/composer Robert Dick

Particle Ensemble Album Cover, Splatter of multi-colored paint on blue background
Particle Ensemble

Improvisation CD with Earl Howard, Thomas Buckner and J D Parran

red shipping containers as a bg to the third-eye-orchestra text
The Third Eye Orchestra

1st violinist in this improvisation orchestra by Hans Tammen

Co-Authored Albums

Dai Fujikura: Glorious Album Clouds Album cover depicting a sea of vines in the shape of a moon twisting itself underwater
Glorious Clouds

Microorganism orchestra of Japanese composers redefining free-floating sounds

  • ECO for violin and signal processing: "Tongues Enrobed/Eco 2 Vln/+ "  (Graugaard/Kimura/Rai/Kanding) Classico #139 , Released 10/22/96.
  • U (The Cormorant) for violin and electronics by Kimura: ICMC '92 CD.

Performer Recordings

  • "Active Figurations" for violin and computer by Rai Takayuki, (commissioned by Music From Japan), Fontec Japan, 2013.
  • “Full Moon” for violin and electronics by Mari Takano (commissioned by Music From Japan), “LigAlian”. BIS, Sweden, 2011.
  • "Mari Kimura Redux" by Noah Creshevsky,  a remix piece of Kimura’s acoustic violin improvisation recordings. Published in “If Bwana” CD, Pogus label, 2008.
  • "Futaku" for violin and percussion by Yoshihiro Kanno.  Fontec Japan, 1993.