MUGIC®: A World of Motion Awaits

Developed by a Guggenheim award-winning violinist/composer Mari Kimura, MUGIC® (Music/User Gesture Interface Control) is a small, versatile and affordable prototype motion sensor that enables you to use your movements to control virtually anything in software.

Man using MUGIC device, his arms are outstretched with the MUGIC Glove on his right hand
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and professional stages across the world.




Instrumentalist using MUGIC


🎨 Unprecedented Artistic Control

  • MUGIC® empowers you to experiment and create in ways never before imagined.

  • Explore the intersection of technology and art, and discover new possibilities for artistic expression..

💻 Seamless Integration

  • MUGIC® works seamlessly with popular software like Max/MSP and Ableton Live

  • No coding or programming experience required! Get started with pre-made patches!

🎓 Trusted by the Best

  • Top academic institutions like Harvard and Juilliard have chosen MUGIC® for their music programs, recognizing its potential to revolutionize artistic expression.

👥 Join a Thriving Community:

  • Become part of a growing community of artists and creators pushing the boundaries of interactive art with MUGIC®.

  • Share ideas, and collaborate on projects


For anyone looking to unlock their creative control

For Artists

We share Max patches and Ableton devices for free, so artists can start creating immediately, without spending time learning a complicated custom software.

For Students

Many institutions acquired MUGIC® for their classrooms, including Harvard University, UC Berkeley, The Juilliard School and University of Arts (UdK) in Berlin, taking advantage of "Buy 5, Get 1 free" discount.

For Anything

MUGIC® is an easy-to-use WIFI sensor, suited to learn and teach electronic music, interactive graphics and to create sounds, control effects, change lighting parameters, generate visuals and much more. Translate your movements into meaningful data with MUGIC®.

Customer testimonials

Hear from others who have used MUGIC®:

"MUGIC is my favorite music multi-tool! Who knew that we'd have an omni-directional software controller which fits in our pockets? Thanks, Mari!"
Black and white photo of Violinist Todd-Reynolds playing the violin
Todd Reynolds
Contemporary Violinist, Electronic Musician, Educator
"Mari Kimura is a genius!"


"super cool. saved me months of diy tinkering."

langdon crawford


Still have questions?

What is MUGIC®? Is it a controller or an instrument?

MUGIC® is a device that enables you to use your movements to control virtually anything in software. You can create sounds, control effects, change lighting parameters, generate visuals, and more. MUGIC® enables you to expand your control over your system and translate your movements into meaningful data.

So, what can I do with MUGIC®?

MUGIC® was originally built with the intention of capturing nuanced physical data to control parameters in music software (like Max and Ableton Live), but you could also use it to control live video, lighting, Ardino projects, etc. MUGIC® uses OSC data via UDP so theoretically anything that can accept or translate this data could be used.

Do I need to be a computer programmer or coder in order to use MUGIC®?

No! We have built a suite of software and devices that will enable you to use MUGIC® without any coding or computer programming experience. We have primarily used MUGIC® with Max and Ableton Live and have made a number of patches and devices available for free download. (Go to Download page) These patches and devices will allow you to easily map MUGIC® data within Max and Ableton. Some experience with Max will certainly help broaden your capabilities, but our patches can be used (and hacked) to achieve fairly advanced results with relative ease.

What computer does MUGIC® work with? (Windows, Mac, phone, Tablets?)

At this time, MUGIC® only works on computers, both on Mac and Windows platforms.

Can I use MUGIC® to control my other hardware and synthesizers?

Yes, if you have the proper tools. You will still need a computer for MUGIC® to connect to, software to manage your data (e.g. MIDI), and an interface that has MIDI capabilities (most do). You simply need to use the “MUGIC® to MIDI patch” (We will soon put them up on the "Downloads page").