Violinist-Composer renown for Subharmonics & MUGIC®

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“These four improvisations display a sense of inevitability, my highest criterion for the spontaneous creation of music. Perhaps we can add the title of "architect" to Mari's list of talents” - Elliott Sharp

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"Fascinating... Few musicians have the combination of artistry and scientific inquisitiveness of violinist Mari Kimura"

-- The Strad

MARI KIMURA is at the forefront of violinists who are extending the technical and expressive capabilities of the instrument. As a performer, composer, researcher, and entrepreneur...

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Mari Kimura with short hair in an orange blazer holding a violin.

"Chilling... gripping... charming... a virtuoso playing at the edge"

-- The New York Times

"Dazzling...a plugged-in Paganini for the digital age."

-- All Music Guide for POLYTOPIA

Music played at the world’s finest concert halls... now available at the tap of a button.
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Voyage Apollonian Album Cover. New York City with the statue of liberty submerged underwater
Voyage Apollanian

“Return of the Composer-Performer” San Francisco Classical Review

Mari Kimura playing the violin under a pink layer blur
The World Below G

“Fascinating Recording” The Juiilliard Journal

Pink and blue constellation of the sky
Harmonic Constellations

"It seems a model for how to present electroacoustic music." Fanfare Magazine

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